1. Eric

    Great job, everyone! Except Jason. I’m tired of your perversions.

  2. Wheeler

    Kurt, Alfred E. Neuman is truly not just another pretty face. You captured him nicely.

    Jason, one of these days, if you keep going down this perverse road you’ve chosen, Jeff will have to be institutionalized and Panic will have to find a replacement.

    Eric, I enjoyed your first Star Wars piece: minimalism, good and evil, light and dark, etc. But this one expands on the themes you proffered before and foreshadows Maul’s demise in Ep. I. Excellent!

    Jeff, what can I say? The colors are outstanding. Just kidding. Honestly, you don’t give yourself enough credit. Your Superman is fantastic and doesn’t try to look like anyone else’s currently drawing him at DC.

    Great job all around, guys!

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